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Welcome to The Community! Our dedicated space to showcase the many ways that our different communities come together to create a vibrant and thriving society. We will keep you in the know whether it is upcoming events, great new restaurants, or letting you know what's being built in our community. 

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Keep up with the day-to-day happenings in the community we serve!  

Support Braxton's Road to Recovery

Dear friends and caring individuals, We would like to introduce you to Braxton Cole, a brave 10-year-old boy who has recently endured a traumatic incident that has changed his life. Braxton was viciously attacked by a neighbor’s dog, causing severe injuries to his face. Thanks to the quick actions of medical professionals, he received emergency surgery, but his journey to full recovery is far from over. Braxton is an incredibly active and vibrant child, always filled with energy and a contagious smile. However, the attack has left him with deep physical and emotional scars that will require extensive plastic surgery and ongoing medical care. His parents Jeremy and Ashley, who have been his pillars of support throughout this difficult time, face the challenge of providing him with constant care and ... Read More

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New Melle Festival Queen Candidate

Introducing the 2023 New Melle Queen Candidate sponsored by Porky Joerling Trucking! Meet Julia Joerling who is running for Queen this year.



I am a very bright person that always makes others smile. I started playing softball when I was 5 years old and still play to this day. I have 2 older sisters and hunting dogs.

Check out the rest of her interview on Facebook!

Pride In Your Ride! 

Pride In Your Ride Truck Show is an annual truck show held in Warrenton. The show features local working trucks and show trucks all cleaned up! Porky Joerling Trucking is always proud of its trucks in the show and the opportunity to have a great day with all the great people in the local trucking industry. 

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New Melle Sports and Rec.png

New Melle Sports and Rec 
New Melle Festival 

Porky Joerling Trucking has been a proud sponsor of the New Melle Sports and Rec organization, as well as the annual New Melle Festival. You can often find Porky cooking gizzards, serving beer, or just enjoying the community. 

Dale Kolb Memorial Trap Shoot

Porky Joerling Trucking is happy to sponsor this annual event that is put on to help raise money for the St. Charles County 4-H Shooting Sports. Porky has a passion for trap shooting and loves the opportunity to help the next generation develop their own passion for the sport. 

Dale Kolb Memorial.png
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